Monday, May 31, 2010

Jacob's Ladder... extended

It would seem that we live in a world at war with itself. Crimes perpetrated against whole communities are revisited by those very communities on others just like them, most often using the convenient excuse of history. Inhuman blockades, forced detention and blatant disregard for human dignity, even in death, are conditions of life that co-exist alongside societies that consider access to unimaginable luxury, a sign of progress.
Is it that we have lost the cognizant tools to judge patterns of collective human behavior and consequently make decisions to reverse harmful trends in the present? Presently, we are not even aware of the existence of negative trends anymore.
The attack on the Gaza Aid flotilla should galvanize the world against, not Israel, but the current Culture of Vandalism - of the economy, of nature, of tribes, of the very concept of pity,... of life.
Progress is not a question of access to basic amenities - education, nutrition and opportunity - any longer. It is the difference between being left alone and being allowed to live, these days.