Sunday, April 12, 2009

On Heath Ledger (1979 to 2008) in 'Candy' (2006).

On Ledger (1979 to 2008) in ‘Candy’ (2006).

The absolute tragedy that is self immolation is manifest in the void that the act leaves behind. It is as if the imagination has exposed itself to be a large gaping hole that the consciousness knows will get filled in eventually, but is momentarily resistant to the idea that it will ever happen. This is true of Heath Ledger and his art that is given adequate rein in this searching movie, helped by an impeccable performance by Abbie Cornish of Somersault (2004) fame. The tale seems all too familiar - drug-addicts hurtling towards self-destruction and gaining a reprieve at the last minute, only to lose the most important thing in their lives. But this movie, with the chemistry between the two main characters and the uncompromising look at the struggles of other loved ones in it, such as the character Candy’s parents, is special because we shall never again see Ledger inhabit the various chivalrous, relentless, tender, manic roles he seems to have so decidedly made his own in his short career. The fact sticks like a needle in the vein making it haplessly painful because he was such an immense talent.

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