Thursday, July 9, 2009

When Worship Meets Prayer

The crowd is hushed,
Deep silence in anticipation,
Of an event –
The event of Reconciliation.

The scene is now tranquil,
Aided by the prophet's voice -
Rendering a calm,
A surety on Reason.

The mind wanders,
Looking for shadows not there,
The moon looks on emotionless.
Isn’t it strange
How he decides to show himself,
Whenever the soul gasps for air?

The body is repositioned,
Now guided by the desires
Of the restless eye.
The eye encountering the ritual,
Transmits nonsensical messages,
To the hopelessly inadequate brain.

Some scenes are thought, ‘Timeless’,
But the term has never transcended the intellect,
Until now,
When Worship meets Prayer.

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