Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stepping into an MPV

A transition to a stage of life (that may not necessarily hark of a sense of progress) is but inevitable in human experience. There are the naysayers, whom I once called the demons of cool, not entirely divorced from an interrupted adolescence... There are also the also-rans; the ones who seem to have had it all and lost it for a variety of reasons not wholly unconnected to their personal failings.

What I am really referring to here is a big decision having been made in my own life, which directly impacts the life of another. Am I really informed enough right now to have made this decision based on all the 'right' reasons? And does it really matter that I am in an otherwise critically transitory stage myself, personally and professionally, to put all that baggage on someone else who did not wholly solicit that kind of responsibility, and who might be getting into this contract for her own reasons - that both she and I do not yet understand fully?

A whole lot of questions, and not many answers... Perhaps 'Faith', both in a communal deity and each other, is called for... And an active sense of 'Hope', in all that is to be.

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