Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ol' Father

Time is intrusive. Time is emotion, capitulating. Time is good deeds turned bad. Time is illusory. Time is affirmative action. Time is negativity in practice. Time is a driver. Time is all-consuming. Time is passion spent. Time is the theory unwritten. Time is a captive audience. Time is religiosity unbound. Time is spirituality ill-defined. Time is fleeting. Time is a monster. Time is a deadline revealed. Time is a brief accomplished. Time is sparse. Time is travel. Time is freedom. Time captures. Time sometimes stands still. Time envelopes, bridles, infuses life with meaning. Time itself is timeless.
Time captivates the weary. Time declines. Time approves. Time is its own worst enemy. Time is a child’s nemesis. Time is the last bastion of the old. Time disapproves. Time aggrandizes. Time loves all things equally, but shows no passing favours. Time drinks copiously. Time is one’s own to cherish, hate or keep. Time is ill-disciplined. Time is little comfort. Time is bad trouble. Time is what you make of it. Time is… after all.

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