Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Go Green, going Green, Green gone

If the most significant achievement in our common history as a species was the Industrial Revolution, then what does the very raison d'être of our present primacy in the affairs of the world leading onto what many believe is our imminent downfall and extinction, tell us about ourselves?
Will the ghosts of the great intellectuals (or thought-leaders as modern parlance would have it) of history breathe a great big silent sigh of relief?
Will the collective bequest of a history of magnificent triumph over adversity, of reason over superstition, of science over myth, of heroism over weakness mean nothing at all in the great quiet that will pervade this earth once we pass?
Will the God we praise in all His/Her forms and revelations literally cease to exist… at least to a consciousness that can recognize the everlasting value It holds?
Is our passing ever going to be disseminated and researched by chimerical beasts in an inevitable future non-human civilization?
Does the standard I bear right here right now, the cross I carry right here right now, the means I endure in a wish to serve an imagined end right here right now, even matter to the passage of the endless empty time that will suffuse the planet in an eerily vacant glow until the end of its existence?

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