Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inertia vs. Industry

The latest academic investigation into modern culture, funded by an altruistic body full of sentient beings ostensibly deeply interested in the insights that a study of a random sample of privileged disaffected youth in what is these days a disaffected country, will provide… has this to say about the youth of today.

There are only two role models left:

One – the macho, steroid-boosted, raging superhero, capable of great feats of physicality and guided by an amoral premise that makes him relatively less harmful to those who share his ideas of good and evil. In short, a Post-9/11 Captain America.

The other – the patented slacker dude, de-docrinated, indifferent and made flesh in Jeff Bridges’ mythical portrayal in the film, The Big Lebowski (1998).

The Money Shot:
Assuming for a moment that these two figures stand before you, both of whom are momentarily self-effacing, incongruous, and unsure of themselves, which of the two do you think will recover sooner when they get kicked in the balls at the same time?

(Dedicated to my dear cousin, Puppy Manohar)

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