Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My baby is born

What does one begin to think about when a newborn infant stares him/her in the face?
The rapidly immersive  drama of the moment when one cannot fathom to what, or indeed if to anything at all, the infant is responding in its immediate surrounding environment is cause for a temporary purge of reason, surely. The urge to kiss, snuggle or generally just indulge in meaningless infantile banter with this helpless, endearing creature that has appeared as if by alchemy, is overpowering... And simultaneously, the great battle with the urge to give thanks to a disbelieved-in omniscient presence for the miracle that is the lovingly wrapped bundle that you are holding in your arms... all antitheses to what was once a simpler life.

The experience of birth certainly has no equal for this unwitting beneficiary of the largesse of the human mammalian reproductive process - and those of us conditioned by society to be inherently guarded and mistrustful of all the lauded mystique behind this most treasured occasion of the various possibilities of experience in the human condition, suddenly find the carefully constructed edifices to rationale, logic and religious scepticism demolished in that brief instant when a halting pair of eyes open on your own to reveal the whole awe-inspiring spectacle of the marvel of existence.

A shout of joy erupts... a fever of hope descends... to find oneself completely enveloped in the warm, entangled embrace of unconditional love from a being so completely beholden to it...

There is more to life, I have now discovered, than my own.

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  1. Kids will learn fast if you teach them right and the best