Sunday, May 8, 2011

Don't leave!

The narrative is ubiquitous - a marriage subject to stress, lying, blackmail, interference from without and sometimes from within... Trust issues, denial issues, uncommon goal issues, but a colourful history, certainly, in the ways the partners came together and the factors that have now led them to staring at the rest of a life apart. Was the reason we met fated? Was the love once really strong and true? Is some semblance of it still there, or are we hallucinating about it still being extant only to cover up our individual failings in a one-sided discussion over degrees of culpability?

The United States of America came into the political, economic and social orbit of almost a hundred million Pakistanis in what was a time of great change for the people of an embryonic nation, and amid clearly drawn arcs of influence across the globe for the two emergent superpowers from the spoils of the last great war. It has continued to be politically, economically and socially invested in the fate of a country that has since been amputated, cynically exploited by its own elites and marked for death by a petty neighbour more than three times its size. Through the very interesting times that they've seen together in over half a century there have been rapid advances in the world in almost every area of human endeavour, but the spoils of technological advancement for the benefit of humankind have not been evenly split. Today, one partner sees access to luxury as the most important goal of its citizens, and the other has barely enough to feed its own. With the threat of divorce now looming over the loss of one of their children, the question about what to do about the other little ones they have spawned now stares them both in the face. Is there a way to ensure their continued survival and viability, they ask each other, heads bowed like monks before the altar of their own paedophiliac victimhood.

And as all these separation discussions take place, their other children run amok in the garden of what was once a lively house, created in homage to their parents' iniquity, with no one to monitor, care for or teach them about how to live in this world where great big things happen to small little people.

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