Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where the Mind is Forever Fearful

The cold winds blow,
Fast and strong from the West,
to where I am,
And from the East,
to where they will be felt.

An idea is about to be upended,
An idea come upon in darkness, debauchery and deliberation.
About a hundred years of them,
Each one colder than the last.

But now the cold winds do blow,
down the edifice,
the structure, the frame,
of a dream - many men's and women's,
and of those long dead and of those yet to come.

Did the dream ever really come to pass?
In some little corner,
In one or more many little countries?
I wish I knew, and I wish I could tell you,
Who I really am.

But now, perhaps,
I will forever forget.
Like the ancient leaf scrolls,
Of wisdom inherited,
And then turned to dust.

For the historical contextual counterpoint to this poem, please click here


  1. Ask Nics if she recognizes these lines below:

    The perfect life where happiness isn't dreamed of but lived
    Where expectations are set only to exceed that one moment of perfect happiness
    Was I insane to envision this place and taste of intoxication so sweet
    The bitterness that lingers leaves no room for doubt, leaves no hope to savour the meagreness of the act so inconsequential to real life.

    Has she not faltered, will she not ruin your day that I crave to fill?
    Was i but merely an excuse for weakness that can be explained with no fear of loss or pain?
    Could I not have used him as he used me to gain strength and hope and contentment with a price.
    I cry for my lonliness, my soul the ultimate price.
    Will she never know just how much she stole, like a thief with no plan, no value for gold, Just the thrill of the unknown victory and modest embrace, he on the other hand saved all face.
    Will he ever realise that he chose from conformity, will he ever cry or wonder why? Is this what true love means - hurt another to gain merit from the "race". Trip but don't fall is the remedy for disgrace. Soothe but don't indulge the heart that is true, she will never stop loving you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nitin - I go through your blog once in a while ... you write wonderfully ... but sometimes I need to use a dictionary to understand some words :-) lol

    Hope life is good there with Nics n Qaynath :-)