Thursday, February 8, 2018


What would you have me write about?

Perhaps of an immutable substance meeting an unstoppable force,
Or the unchanging injustices of the world.
Commentary on the good fortunes of some of us, maybe?
And the bad fortunes of others...
The changing climate or the worsening weather,
The cyclical nature of our collective misfortune,
The widening gap between what we know to be true and what we believe is the truth,
The systemic and structural nature of our disadvantage,
The inhumanity of our policies, the surreality of our goals, the entrenchment of our privilege, the colour of our sins...
Maybe I could write about youth and beauty and poverty and disability...
Or about missing: the forest for the trees, the wind for the windmills, gravity for the falling apple.

But whatever I do decide to write about, I'd like you to know this...

That nothing is changing for the better,
That that arc of progress or that rainbow in the clouds,
Isn't bending towards justice or leading us to the promised land.
That they are, in fact, mired in a thousand disgraces,
That every day pile on the indignity... the perversion...
Of an unmired thing, a fitful beast, a false positive orbit
Of the triumph of hate over passion,
Of transactional pride over peace,
Of visceral, perpetual, envious longing...
Over fulfillment.

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